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I had the pleasure of meeting Vinnie Mirchandani on twitter. He may not remember how we met, but I do. One morning , I joined the conversation about a shuttle launch, and he sent me a link to a fascinating article about the launch that never went. The article was written about a second shuttle on the pad (in secret) ready to go up on a rescue mission. This was because the hubble mission for the astronaut was very dangerous. Few knew about this, nor did I until Vinnie sent me that article, and that was the start of our dialogue. Later that summer I guest blogged on one of his well-known blogs about how technology has affected my hobby and then finally met him at a technology conference later last fall. By then, I felt we were friends.  An email came to me letting me know he was writing a book about innovators in technology, and women were woefully absent on the scene who would I focus on? I was honored to even be asked and then the chapters started flowing, and then the book started materializing, and now i have read it. This book The New Polymath is a great read for anyone that wants to be optimistic about what we can do, and what can be done about innovation today. This book is a great read if you want to be inspired by the  people and companies that are investing in new ways of doing things, and thinking in very different ways about how to solve modern-day challenges. Each case was more interesting than the next. I could not pick my favorite chapter, only to share with you that I am optimistic about what could be, and where we could go. The provocative approach to this book should be a call to action in Corporate America to seek Polymaths, and innovate in ways the best companies in the world choose to. Thank you Vinnie for keeping me in the loop it was an honor to read Polymath! I encourage others to read it too!


3 responses to “The NEW POLYMATH

  1. Debbie, very kind of you.

    I think this is the shuttle flight STS-400 blog post you are referring to. I still get goosebumps every time I think of how tense it might have been. I actually managed to see that shuttle take off from about 15 miles away.—that-never-flew.html

  2. wow- we went to a nite launch at kennedy space center- so cool- they shut down the center, and you only are there if you have a launch ticket- a real atronaut talks about the step by step leading up to and during the launch- and then 3 hours before launch they scrubbed for a hydrogen leak- I am still hoping to see one- we are running out of time!

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